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Appeal Success for Replacement Dwelling - Bilton, Rugby, Warwickshire

APC Planning has been successful in securing planning permission on appeal for a replacement dwelling in Bilton, Rugby.  APC were appointed by the architect following Rugby Borough Council’s decision to refuse planning permission in 2012, over concerns on the design and scale of the replacement dwelling. Despite the replacement scheme representing ...

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Planning Permission Secured for Surgery Relocation

Working alongside our architectural team, APC Planning has secured planning permission in record time for the relocation of the Uppingham Surgery from its existing, outdated premises within the town centre to a modern facility on the edge of the town. This is excellent news for residents of Uppingham and surrounding villages, ...

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An Opportunity for Landowners, Businesses and Homeowners The Coalition Government has been very active in the last year in introducing a set of measures to extend permitted development rights for a temporary 3 year period.  The aim is to help stimulate economic growth and make it easier to carry out development, ...

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Amendments to the TCP (Development Management Procedure)(England) Order 2010 (DMPO)

The Government has announced amendments to the DMPO to remove the need for details on scale and layout to be provided at the outline stage of an application if these matters are reserved. It is clearly another tool aimed at streamlining the planning system and potentially reducing the cost/information needed to ...

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Open land can solve housing shortages

There is an article on BBC News website today titled Open land can solve housing shortages. Increasing the amount of developed land by a third would address the housing shortage, according to Planning Minister Nick Boles.   This just replicates the situation under the previous government who provided ‘top down targets’ from the ...

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Save on Heating Bills with a Weather Compensator

Are you looking to save money on your heating bills? Consider a Weather Compensator connected to your boiler to save up to 10% on your annual heating bill, pass regulations and provide a more comfortable internal environment. Some Principles: Your heating system will heat the inside space to your desired temperature, lets say 21 degrees. This is ...

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